pics of horses


  pics of horses

FOAL Question/advise?i have an eight week old TB foal i have raise since she was 4 weeks. Her mother kicked the bucket two weeks after conception and was hand raise after that by her moms manager which i then purchased her off them. We have qualified her to can…

A 22 yr antiquated female horse alongside ring bone?

we recovered a 22 yr old female horse with ring bone. she is on 150 pound weight confinements. the point when lead on a lead rope she will stroll around with a rider yet when i victimize her off the rope and switch to reins she stops and…

A stable cross for a paint filly?

Do you folks have any names that might be adorable for a paint filly that is descriptive words white (yes white, not ash) with a patch of tan close both quarters? She have blue eyes as well. Also kindly no “Sprinkle” or “Patches.” Thanks!

A superior methodology to quit kicking?

My beau and I have a weanling, that is magnificent and extremely calm with the exception of this one thing- he has grabbed a kicking propensity! He didn’t possess it when we purchased him home from the raiser, and I think I can say he began after…

A cool vitamin/mineral supplement (australia)?

I’m searching for a vitamin/mineral supplement for my young pure breed. I’m simply thinking about whether I attempt something it may get him hot. He’s REALLY EXTREMELY encourage delicate. He can’t have any oats or grains AT ALL, it make him raise and truly naughty.he gets twice a year…

A few surged inquiry? If you don’t mind reply?

Any impolite or discourteous responses will be accounted for. Much obliged 1) What are the perfect steed breeds for lessons horses?i derive that everything relies on upon the stallion, yet certain stallion breeds are commonly more agreeable than others. 2) What are the simply what the specialist requested…

An interview pretty nearly Equiboots?

I was simply considering how they’re measured =)and might one be suitable for a steed that is turned out modifiers winter and is helpless to wounds from stones?(he will additionally have shoes on, I barely need to be additional vigilant in the request of his hooves cause he’s…

An analyze harshly talking a steed outbuilding?

It’s sort of long simply on the grounds that there’s a spot of history to think about before replying. . . I live on a steers ranch, atm our fields are down and our outbuilding houses our feathered creatures (peacocks). The agriculturist who utilizes our territory used to exchange us feed…

A couple of stallion question…?

I have a couple of stallion questions.1. My steed typically hold her head down, yet recently she has been putting it up. Assuming that I stroll around she puts it down. I attempt half stops and stuff yet she generally puts her head…

A Few Horse Questions..?

I have a couple of questionsmy stallion likely gets board held by the stall I ride him once a day, where I board in the winter inside are no turn outs. (I just keep him there nov-walk bar that he is pastured)would a Jolly ball be a great…

A couple of smaller than expected question…?

Pregnant smaller than expected mare:she was placed in the pasture with said stallion inside walk.. a bit early! next she was taken out in june. We haven’t put her on any food, and i know we will claim to soon, and after that we will have…

A couple of fast address.   pics of horses ?

Might you be able to help me with these?3 – What is a curry brush? * A terrycloth towel or other kind of material * A firm abounded brush used to uproot detached earth * A metal razor sharp edge with short, moronic teeth…

A couple of tips… Guardian reasonable?

Alright, well I’m the kind of young lady who brushes the stallion sites and magazines, hunting down ‘the one.’ Recently a singular steed has come available to be purchased, and I am not lying when I say he is ideal

A couple of unpromising behavior?! Eek?

My 3 y/o QH female horse, Queenie, has a couple of terrible propensities and Im pondering what to do to stop her.. 1. At whatever point I seat her up she will attempt to chomp me.. Im not harming her or anything she lately doesnt like it. I have…

A fitting spot for a Beginning English horse?

I normally ride my 18 yr old standardbred female horse western yet i have ridden english on different stallions and simply this moment purchased an english seat and harness. She was hustled as a trotter so i think she has have an “english bit” (Dee…

A Getting Back to Riding/pony Club Question – Please Answer?

I stop riding and Pony Club several years back as a C-1 to center all the more on school and different exercises. Notwithstanding, one year from now I won’t claim any exercises with the exception of school, which will be inconceivably adaptable. I am pondering rejoining Pony Club and beginning…

A steed for christmas?

i have supported a steed for about three years and lessons for two. I am incredibly encountered with stallions. The thing is my guardian. They know i am dependable. also i have be getting really great evaluations all my life (straight An’s extreme year) however in the not so distant future…

A developed conspicuous palomino?

does anybody know of an old well known palomino i’m doing a task for school

A required a show name for my Bedouin horse?

I needed a show name for my steed, his name is Merlin. Hes a Bedouin, light black, and I want to reveal to him encompassed by both english and western. So assuming that you could please help me concoct an imaginative show mark.

A question on running a steed apples and oranges ranch? Kindly aid, 10 focuses! ?

When I’m more seasoned, after I’ve experienced no less than 4 years of school, I’d want to run a stallion ranch up inside Maine. I have loads of experience with steeds, and more to precede I can indeed get a ranch in the modifiers! I cherish…

A Question in the request of the AQHA? [pics] (American Quarter Horse Association)?

Ok,i have reached the AQHA to inquire as to whether they can provide for me the heading of the managers of a horse. I gave them her enlisted name,and finishing up area. Do you imagine that they will have the ability to provide for me the first name of her owners?…

A Simple Horse Question ?

We have been sustaining our stallion straight hay, however our mentor inferred we blend it next to grass roughage. In any case we are going to purchase grass roughage tomorrow and simply blend it with the horse feed so here is my inquiry. We purchase from one gentleman lone who we…



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